Digital media marketing for Realtors.

Need more leads? 
OK. Hold my beer.

Reach your goals with an effective marketing strategy.

Let me prove it.

For 30 days. Limited time offer.

Digital media
marketing for realtors.

For 30 days. Limited time offer.

Digital media
marketing for realtors.

For 30 days. Limited time offer.

Paid Ads

I use the best advertising platforms for each unique business that I work with.
Including my own!

Email & Text Marketing

Now that you're getting traffic to your website, let's capture leads & put those marketing dollars to work.

A/B Testing

I split test everything from your website landing pages – all the way down to the verbiage in your Ads.


Simplified & Detailed reports so that you can rest assured knowing your business is growing online!

My Story

My name is Devontrae Walls, I got my start in 2008 as a Full Stack Web Designer/Developer when I got my first client. I continued as a freelance web designer until I realized that my clients weren't getting traffic to their websites.

That's when I began to learn about Paid Advertising. And I was overwhelmed with information. It has been over a decade since – and there's more opportunity than ever before. 

What I Offer

With the rise of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn also come new advertising platforms that allow you to more easily find customers online.

You may be thinking "Why shouldn't I just manage my own advertising campaigns?" and "Why should I hire this guy to do something I can do myself?"

Truth is – you could do that, and if you have that kind of free time on your hands you should.

But, the reality is that anything worthwhile is never easy.

You've stumbled upon this website for a reason. I've already put in the time to learn everything there is to know about online advertising. 

I mean – After all, you've found this website as a result of my advertising efforts.